Glamorous hair can be mesmerizing. Think of Rapunzel or Cinderella. Not only do they have eye-catching clothing but their hairdos are fabulous. It’s hard to keep our eyes off their thick shiny and bouncy hair pulled back into a brilliant and glamorous hairdo. Being able to create these magical hairdos is essential but the key ingredient to glamorous looking hair is to first have healthy hair. Here are our 9 tips for healthy hair that will give you long and lustrous hair just like the Disney princesses!

Tip 1 – Protect your hair:

Hair is prone to damage from the elements just like your skin. Exposure to excessive sun, heat, dirt and pollution can stress your hair and the scalp adding to any existing hair woes. Dirt build up can also increase chances for scalp infections. Try covering your hair from heat, dirt and the sun with a hat or use an umbrella if available.

Tip 2 – Manage wet hair:

When your hair is wet, it can be very fragile and thus break easily. This is because the wet shaft and roots of your hair are typically more prone to sustaining damage. It’s important to remember that when shampooing, make sure to use gentle motions and also avoid brushing immediately after a shower.

Tip 3 – Conditioning:

Remember to moisturize your hair with a conditioner after every wash. This is a key step that helps strengthen your hair and prevent it from getting frizzy.

Tip 4 – Conditioning the right way:

Conditioning your hair is important and how you condition is equally important. Remember that conditioners are formulated to seal in the moisture content in the hair shaft and not the scalp. So next time you condition your hair, make sure to start conditioning about 2 inches from the scalp. Otherwise, you could end up with an oily scalp.

Tip 5 – Use same line shampoo & conditioner:

For optimal hair wash and conditioning results, always use the same line of shampoo and conditioner. This is because they will have similar formulation for the specific hair type and purpose. That is why a single line will usually deliver better results than two individual products.

Tip 6 – Don’t over apply heat:

Just as you should protect your hair from excessive sun, make sure to avoid using too much heat on your hair while ironing. This is because too much heat strips moisture content from your hair, making it dry and frizzy. It can also lead to burn damage to your hair. Remember to use iron/curl straighteners only if necessary and always use a hair protectant before!

Tip 7 – Avoid tight hair ties:

While sometimes we may prefer to pull back our hair real tight for a clean feel, this actually increases friction and cause breakage. So try and avoid using super tight hair ties and opt for scrunchies with cloth around them.


Tip 8 – Bedtime braids:

When going to bed, it’s always useful to side braid your hair. Make sure not to braid your hair too tight. A loose side braid can prevent your hair from knotting overnight and save you the hassle and the hair damage of pulling and brushing in the morning.


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Tip 9 – Choose satin pillow covers:

Reducing friction when you sleep can also reduce your hair damage. One simple way to reduce friction is to use satin covered pillows. Unlike cotton and other materials that have a rough texture, satin is very smooth and can reduce hair damage overtime.

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