Despite its name, blackberries are seldom purely black. In fact, young black berries actually start off with a lighter red color. It’s only when blackberries ripen that their color changes to a deep, dark, purple hue.

This hue, it turns out, is the perfect shade to complement dark hair, especially brunettes. Thus the blackberry hair was born.


Berry Good

Unlike the brighter hair shades, this deep purple hue has a lot going for it. For one, it doesn’t require a platinum base to shine. On top of that, it works well on darker hair that have some highlights. Plus, it is easy to maintain, doesn’t require constant touch-ups and it looks great.

“Our client came in telling us that she was a busy mom who needed low-maintenance color that was still fun” . Our stylist’s answer was blackberry. And it seems straightforward enough to recreate, so you can request it at your next appointment.

How To Get The Look

First, it’s necessary to achieve just enough balayage highlights. Following which, Schipani used Lanza Vibe which is a “violet with a hint of blue.” She then painted the new hue over her client’s lightened locks.

Do leave the roots untouched so the colour is low maintenance. Finally, she capped it off with Trauma Treatment and oil to keep strands healthy and add shine.

And Voila! Take a look at the pretty results below:


The key with purple hues is to match the shade to the client’s skin tone, so keep that in mind for your next appointment.


Kansas stylist, @nikthehairchik on Instagram, shared a blackberry hue she’s done—also on a brunette.

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BlackBerry lob 💜 All @keunenamerica color

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And another stylist, @laura_johnson33 , showed off the subtle blackberry hues she’d painted onto a client’s dark locks.


Perfect Pair

If you follow the latest hair trends, you may have come across Schipani’s name already. Not long ago, she created oh-so-craveable peanut-butter-and-jelly hair. This “hair sandwich” hue also uses berry tones, but adds in natural brown tones for more variation. Check out the fabulous results below:


Glow Getter

Schipani’s latest Instagram creation is a stark contrast to the much more wearable blackberry shade. Inspired by the Pantone color of the year, she also shared this day-glow ultraviolet bob. Sunglasses are definitely necessary for this vivid shade, which is actually a wig. See for yourself:


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